DG 8: Signposts of Dying with Martha Jo Atkins

12421278_10153702557194130_207274133_nDying with Grandpa is proud to feature Martha Jo Atkins, professional counselor and death educator. Martha Jo has been teaching about death and dying for 25 years and has recently published a book called Signposts of Dying: What You Need to Know.

In our time together Martha Jo shares her insights about the transition process and explains how her personal experiences with death ignited her desire to learn more, creating PhD level research on death and dying. Her work has impacted the lives of many people, from the old to the young.

The Kindle Edition of Martha Jo’s book is available now with a paper copy scheduled to come out this month. It is a must have for families and professional caretakers. For more inSignpostsformation about the book, click here.

If you’d like more information about Martha Jo or her services, visit her death and dying institute at www.marthajoatkins.com 

Watch Martha Jo’s  TEDx talk

DG6: Living Fearlessly with Nancy Shobe

My Mom, Barbara Shobe, and me in a Michigan hospice: April, 2014
My Mom, Barbara Shobe, and me in a Michigan hospice: April, 2014

This episode of Dying with Grandpa features a heartfelt interview with writer and intuitive Nancy Shobe who lost her mother in 2014. Nancy’s beautiful stories about her mother’s death have been well received and published nationally. During our time together, Nancy recounts her experiences at her mother’s side in a Michigan Hospice after her mother was diagnosed with a rare intestinal cancer. Only given 6 weeks to live, Nancy’s mother, Barbara, found peace at the end of her life by letting go of all items she no longer needed, including her residence. Impacted by her mom’s graceful transition, Nancy now lives her life boldly and fearlessly; inspiring others to do the same.

For more information about Nancy, www.shobebiz.com

To learn more about Hospice, click here

To explore more topics around death and dying, letting go, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, click here

DG5: Wisdom from a Death Midwife

Beth McDonaldWelcome to another episode of Dying with Grandpa. I had to call this episode, “Wisdom from a Death Midwife” because our guest, Beth McDonald, had so much wisdom to share. Beth was called to the work of death midwifery after developing a deep wisdom about death through many experiences that shaped her life in unexpected ways. To me, Beth is a living example of the hippocratic oath, “First do no harm.” She has a special gift for helping people live their best life and for assisting people through the good death.

For more information about Beth, you can visit her website here: BethMcDonaldConsulting

Ho’oponopono Prayer
I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you


DG4: A Mother’s Journey with Death

IMG_70911It can be hard to watch a loved one suffer with terminal illness at the end of life. But what happens when we lose a loved one unexpectedly?

This podcast features a touching story of one mother’s spiritual journey after her son’s sudden transition. In our time with Tracy Caraway we will learn how the close relationship with her son, Tyler, has remained strong despite his transition.

We will also feature information about Robert Schwartz’s work on pre-birth planning. For more information about Robert’s work, including the book “Your Soul’s Plan”, click here.





DG3: A Death Story with Jamie Kingsley

This podcast episode features our first guest, Jamie Kingsley. Jamie shares her experience of being in the room with her father as he transitioned eight years ago. She will also give us her insights about the death process and the life lessons she’s taken forward from her experience, shaping her passion for helping people choose their change.

For more information about Jamie, check out her website: www.jamiekingsley.com

Jamie and I Recording the Podcast
Jamie and I Recording the Podcast

DG2: What Death Teaches Us about Change


Why do we have a hard time with change?

In this episode I will share more about my grandfather’s death and what I learned about death as a transition. We’ll be exploring what I learned about beginnings and endings as I tended to my grandfather’s transition. I will also be sharing my insights about how energy moves through change and how we can tune into changes with less fear and more confidence.

DG1: Near Death Experiences: Coming Back to Life

Welcome to our first full episode. Yippee!

Have you or someone you loved been impacted by a near death experience? In this episode I will introduce myself and share more about how I came into this work, including my near death experience (NDE). We will use P.M.H. Atwater’s book, Near Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story, to explore the topic of integration and what it’s like to make changes after a near death experience.

If you’d like more information about NDE’s, I recommend visiting Atwater’s research website


A Brief Introduction to Dying with Grandpa Podcast

Welcome to the Dying with Grandpa Podcast! This is a short introduction to the podcast.

This podcast comes from my strong desire to provide a safe space to share thoughts and experiences. Since my grandfather’s death last fall, I’ve been obsessed with the topic of death and what it really means “to die.” In this intro I share one of the first experiences I had losing a loved one and what it taught me about fear.

Why Study Death?

How did I get on this path? Why do I share what I’ve learned about my grandfather’s death? The simple answer is: I have to.

My grandfather died back in the fall of 2014. He would have been 87 years old that coming Wednesday had he not died. It was a beautiful cool Monday morning in October when I said my final farewell to him. I still remember how excitedly he talked about his birthday just two weeks prior to his death. There was no party, though. And I am not sure one was even planned, It’s as if we weren’t sure he’d be with us, in physical form at least, on that day. And he wasn’t.

My grandfather’s death seemed right on schedule for another layer of spiritual growth in my life. I was going through yet another layer of painful “ego shedding”, (to put it politely), and I wasn’t sure I could handle his death. I wasn’t prepared and I was tired. You see, the prior two years of my life had been so challenging and I wasn’t even sure who I was anymore. All my beliefs about myself were being tested, over and over again. I had no strength to fight life anymore and resigned myself to his death. But, surprisingly, it seemed the more I dived into his death experience, the more alive I felt. And when it was all said and done, I felt like I had completed a mastery course in life.

What’s funny is I wouldn’t understand the impact it had on me until many months later. But the changes I would make in my life would propel me into a new level of living. I would begin again, all from a pact between my grandfather and I. I learned there is no death, just a misinformed perception of death based in fear of the unknown.

It’s been almost a year since I began sorting all of death’s teachings, and now it is time to share the gifts that death, (i.e. change), has given me. So forgive me if I stumble with my words from time to time. Bringing forth words from feelings can be difficult.

One thing is for sure, though,

I’ve been touched by death, have you?