DG13: The Cellophane Cage

BillFilettiBill Filetti was going about his normal life when he suddenly fell ill. A visit to the ER revealed meningitis and encephalitis, compromising his entire nervous system. Bill would spend the next 7 days in the hospital where his lucidity decreased more and more. And even though others have shared some of the conversations he had during those 7 days, he remembers nothing.

Bill survived his near death experience but found himself in a body that wasn’t his. Once a runner and able to keep up with the demands of daily life, Bill became “caged” in a body with little dexterity and loss of  balance. And though an excruciating recovery followed, his illness would bring him an unexpected gift, the gift of life. You see, Bill had kidney cancer and had he not been ill, chances are he wouldn’t have known until it was too late.

Bill’s life changing experience has given him the opportunity to share his story with many others, including men’s groups. His journey serves as the basis for his upcoming book, “The Cellophane Cage”. Bill’s agreed to keep us posted on the book’s release. For now, we can enjoy his insights on near death, physical health and emotional growth.


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