Project of the Heart


For 8 years Janis ran a successful coaching practice. Her clients came from all walks of life but the majority were holistic/alternative health care practitioners interested in maximizing their healing impact in the world.

Janis started the Dying with Grandpa Podcast after witnessing her grandfather’s quiet, graceful death in 2014. What she saw and felt during his transition changed how she lived her life.

At one point during her grandfather’s transition, she sensed he was struggling. To ease his process, she heard herself promise, “If you keep going Grandpa, I will, too. I promise, I will die with you. Iwill let go of all that no longer serves me, too.”

With tears streaming down her face, she felt relief for the first time in her life. After her grandfather passed, less than two weeks later, her life shifted so profoundly that she began searching for others who had also been impacted positively at the end of their loved one’s life.

To speak about death so openly, (and positively) seemed absurd. To her surprise, though, she found many people who were willing to share their otherworldly, hard to explain experiences. They seemed to need/want to share what they witnessed and how their lives were ultimately impacted for the better.

Janis and her guests brought these stories to mainstream to shed light on the mysterious, taboo topic of death. Each podcast episode seemed to write itself, highlighting clues about living a good life and enlivening our existence through letting go, for anyone willing to listen.

In November of 2015 Janis learned the Shared Crossing Project’s protocols which helped her navigate the untimely death of her Godfather and guide her actions while at the bedside of Barbara, a woman who’s strong intention to become whole prior to her death in June of 2016 brought them together.

Continuing on with the tradition of letting go of everything that no longer serves us, Janis let go of the last of her old life in 2017. With her husband and son, she started a new chapter of life in Spain and, well, her new life is still unfolding.