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Wisdom from the Other Side

Wisdom from the Other Side with Susan Christensen

On December 18, 2017, I interviewed medium and energy healer, Susan Christiansen of on The Janis Underwood Show. During the show, her mother’s “voice” and love energy came through to share wisdom from the other side.

As many of you know, Barbara shared her wisdom and testimony with many people during the last years of her bed ministry. Unable to walk, Barbara was bedridden during the time I sat with her. Always welcoming to visitors, she shared her experiences during her death transition. Most people don’t know that death isn’t always a swift activity. For some, death is a process and can take years, yep years, to complete.

Below is a portion of the December show’s transcript, during this part of the show, Barbara wanted to share what it is like to arrive in another “dimension” and why it is important for us to do the work prior to our transition.

Take it away, Barbara!

Barbara:  Oh, good to be with you and with all of those that are here. We welcome you and I am so thrilled to be talking on this show not that it’s about me, but about the fact that I was able to share enough about who I was and what I learned that it still matters to other people. So if it’s alright with you what I’d like to do is spend a few minutes talking about the journey, that I have it with this place of great peace before I crossed over. So is that all right Janis?

Janis:  Yes. Thank you.

Barbara: Thank you, Honey. It’s so good to be with you. Yeah, let me just tell you that there came a very dark time in my life, my mother and father had passed away and my husband had passed away and I was all by myself. And I realized I had a problem. And it wasn’t a happy time for me because I realized I was angry. Oh my Goodness, I was so angry.

Being Angry

Barbara: And there were lots of reasons for my being angry and having the emotional issues that I had, but it was something that I had to face because I didn’t want to be that angry person. I’ve been able to cover it up for so many years by serving other people and going to church. And for trying to pretend that I was okay, but it there came a day sweetheart when I knew I wasn’t okay. And I spent a year in intense help with myself and then I would say my journey lasted 10 years overall. And there would be days when I wouldn’t get out of bed until late afternoon. And I would just write and write and pray and sing and read and then I’d do some more writing and then I had this wonderful friend, who would listen to me for hours on end as I processed. And I know that not everybody can do this by themselves, but I was given this gift from my loving father in heaven that it took me a long time, but I was able to forgive all those people that have left so much pain in the wake of living.

Barbara: And so what I really wanted to tell those of you who were listening and I hope some of you out there listening. What I want to share with you is this. It matters. Oh, my dear friends, you are my friends, even though we may not know each other personally, you are my friends.

The Journey of Life Matters

Barbara: Let me tell you, this journey in life matters all that work in letting go of the past the work of forgiving those who have hurt you. And can I tell you something my friends – it is not important whether they deserve forgiveness or not. And Susan will tell this to her clients as well. It’s not about the person you’re forgiving it’s about you, it’s about your becoming whole.

Becoming Whole

Barbara: Now in my life, I talked a lot about becoming whole, that was my goal and I would read about it and study it and pray about it and say, “Oh, dear Father, please make me whole”.  And that was my goal and I understood at the end that it wasn’t about becoming whole. It was about becoming and becoming who I was supposed to be. So for all of those of you who are on a journey, please let me reassure you with all the love and compassion in my heart, for there is so much compassion because I know what pain is.

Let me tell you that it matters, it matters to you, it matters to those people in your life who care about you and each one of you has them and it matters to our Father in Heaven and you know there’s lots of names for him. And he doesn’t really care whether you what you call him the Universe or God or your father or Allah. He’s just up there and he cares and it matters so that when you get to the other side which I have done, you’re not carrying things with you that you then have to deal with because I’m going to tell you something.

Who we Are on the Other Side

Barbara: So let’s just talk for a little minute about moving to the other side because when you move to the other side, you take who you are with you. Oh, my goodness isn’t that a powerful thought? You take who you are with you. So for those of us who had a lot of work to do, it’s time to get started. And if you’re feeling some emotions that you don’t want to carry with you into the next journey, then it’s time to deal with them and however, you choose to deal with them however way that presents itself I ask you for yourself to take advantage of the opportunity of getting healed emotionally and spiritually.

Barbara: So that when you too move over into the next life the transition becomes a seamless and beautiful thing and it’s nothing to be afraid of. So the energy of forgiveness and the energy, the vibration, the frequency and the power of love are not to be minimalized or thoughtless, it’s so important. So let’s talk about love for a little minute, shall we?

Soul Contracts

Barbara: Now my friend and your friend Janis asked me to talk a little bit about the Covenant that Susan and I made before we came on this Earth. Now if we’re going to make this important to all of you then let’s just tell the story from our perspective and I will let you think about it as it applies to you. So Susan, before she was born, said she would come down as my daughter. But really who she came down was the one who is going to save me and not save my soul because that is a spiritual thing, but save me in a way that I was unable to make the last parts of healing in my life possible without what she brought into it. And you know what? She made this covenant with me knowing full well, that it was going to take her into the dark night of the soul that oh, it wasn’t that night my friends, it was years and it tore her world apart. And in the depths of this despair that she was living through, she became an energy healer and brought into my world because the night that her world fell apart, it was only 12 hours later that she found out I was going to come and live with her.

Working the Divine Plan

Barbara: So there was a divine plan and it was so important that I have these other pieces of the spiritual religion that I had and I needed to understand these things. So Susan with full knowledge of the pain that it would cost her promised that she would do this for me. And I will be eternally grateful that she was willing to do that for me. Now let’s talk about soul covenants for just a minute, have you ever met somebody or have somebody in your life where you just know that if there’s a connection that goes beyond what you can rationally understand.

Janis:   Yes.

Barbara:   You have, haven’t you?

Janis:   Yes.

Barbara:    And you know what interesting Janis and you already know this from your own life. It doesn’t always end up on a happy note.

Janis:    No, it does not, no!

Barbara:  And you think to yourself, well if I made a promise to you, shouldn’t we both end up happy? And that’s not always a yes answer. Sometimes this person comes in to be an agitator or to take you into a direction that without that prod you wouldn’t go.

Janis:   Right. thank you, Barbara, for the wisdom from the other side.


DG17: End of Life Expert Deanna Cochran

This is a must listen to! If you’ve ever wondered what and who to ask with regards to end of life care, you’ve come to the right place.

Deanna Cochran, RN of Quality of Life Care, LLC is one of the most well known experts in end of life guidance and palliative care advocacy and education. She founded Quality of Life Care, LLC (QLC), in 2006.

QLC was created to bring awareness, information, resources and support to people and their families living with life-limiting illness, including their circle of family, friends, and trusted advisers. Deanna trains and mentors end of life guides, including (but not limited to) those who go by the title of Death Doula, Death Coach, and End of Life Caregiver.

For more information, visit the Quality of Life website.



DG16: Love is the Healer, Death is a Vehicle

Susan Gobin Book

Susan Gobin is a delightful woman to know. She is a massage therapist, teacher and author of the book, “Love is the Healer, Death is the Vehicle.” Susan and I had a candid conversation about the death process, energetics and lessons learned in early Fall. What I appreciate most about Susan’s story, (and the way she captured it in her book), is her unguarded willingness to share her story with such little fluff. The book is written in a vulnerable, honest way which allows the reader to understand both the hardships families face and the gifts one can receive at end of life. For those who resonate with spiritual initiation through death and soul contracts, it is a good, (and probably familiar), read.

Suggested Reading:  “When Breath Become Air”


DG15: One Year Anniversary Podcast with Jamie Kingsley

janisunderwoodinterviewjamiekingsleyIt’s been a year since the podcast started and I am so grateful to everyone who has shared their expertise and stories with me. This project is so special to me, it was birthed from something deep within me, something that said my journey with Grandpa during his death was worth sharing. It’s been two years since he died yet he continues to shape and guide my life in so many ways. I feel he is with me every step of the way, and encouraging me to help others get their stories about death and dying told.

Jamie Kingsley was Dying with Grandpa’s first guest. We met at a business function and connected right away. I was thrilled when she agreed to come on the podcast to share her story about her dad’s death. So much has happened since that interview and Jamie has, once again, agreed to share her story with us. This time, though, her story  is a bit more personal but one that needs to be openly shared, especially with our young people.jamiekingsleypodcast

If you’ve ever felt low enough to contemplate suicide, you know how hard it is to imagine life getting any better. Jamie’s life seemed perfect on the outside, but like many of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s, the loneliness of being an independent and self sufficient young adult felt overwhelming and isolated.

This is one of the first venues Jamie has agreed to share “the story she didn’t want to share” with others. She believes God has shaped her professional career over the past year, prompting her to share this story with church groups, women’s groups, and young adults. I am so honored to have her on the podcast.

Please join us and share this podcast with those who may be feeling alone or overwhelmed.

To get to know more about Jamie, visit Her website is filled with great resources, too.

To visit some of the topics we discussed in this podcast, I recommend listening to past interviews with Bill Filetti and Tracy Caraway.

Click here to listen to last year’s interview with Jamie.


DG14: Sparkles in the Heart

Be a part of the glitter of life. Joanna lost her father, her rock, to a heart attack in 2004.  As she and her family sat in the hospital waiting room hoping for good news, Joanna’s sister thought about her young children. How would they comprehend the loss of their grandfather? Would they know and remember him?

August 2016 HeadshotA conversation between Joanna and her sister led to an idea and Sparkles in the Heart was born. The Sparkles in the Heart project is designed to help children share memories of their loved ones and let them go in an active way.

In this podcast Joanna shares the experiences she’s had with both children and adults as they participate in the Sparkles in the Heart process.  She finds that sharing memories of loved ones with this process helps fill one’s heart space, helping them heal.

The project is still in the works and Joanna hopes to have materials created within the next year. Joanna’s contact info is featured in the podcast recording. She’d love to hear your thoughts about the project as well as your personal stories.


DG13: The Cellophane Cage

BillFilettiBill Filetti was going about his normal life when he suddenly fell ill. A visit to the ER revealed meningitis and encephalitis, compromising his entire nervous system. Bill would spend the next 7 days in the hospital where his lucidity decreased more and more. And even though others have shared some of the conversations he had during those 7 days, he remembers nothing.

Bill survived his near death experience but found himself in a body that wasn’t his. Once a runner and able to keep up with the demands of daily life, Bill became “caged” in a body with little dexterity and loss of  balance. And though an excruciating recovery followed, his illness would bring him an unexpected gift, the gift of life. You see, Bill had kidney cancer and had he not been ill, chances are he wouldn’t have known until it was too late.

Bill’s life changing experience has given him the opportunity to share his story with many others, including men’s groups. His journey serves as the basis for his upcoming book, “The Cellophane Cage”. Bill’s agreed to keep us posted on the book’s release. For now, we can enjoy his insights on near death, physical health and emotional growth.


DG12: Grief, Support and Process with Laurie

Laurie LGiving permission to die is one of the most loving things we can do for the people we love when they are going through transition. Laurie Leiker is no stranger to death, her quiet strength attracts those in need of comfort and strength. Though Laurie is not professionally involved in death and dying, she has given comfort to many people at end of life.

This podcast is so great because Laurie offers multiple perspectives on death. It is filled with lots of “wisdom gems”.  Her stories highlight the individual’s struggle with emotions, grief and faith. Other wisdom comes through her reflections on support, reminding us to honor one another as we navigate through death and dying in our own way.

Additionally, Laurie shares her wisdom about the grief process and the body’s innate desire for life.

To learn more about Laurie, visit her website at

sacred space Austin

If you’d like to know more about supporting the dying through transition, including protocols for letting go, I recommend

DG11: Handling Spiritual Crisis

unnamedLisa Wheeler knows what it’s like to feel alone. In 2008, she found herself “dying” on multiple levels with no place to turn to. Through her experiences she would learn a new process for shedding her “old self” and a new way of being in the world.

Lisa bravely moved into a deeper level of compassion for herself and others like her, giving her the skills needed to build a safe haven for those struggling to find a point of origin in “alternate realities”.

Lisa now provides a safe haven for those who are in spiritual crisis or spiritual emergencies and I am deeply grateful for her willingness to share her personal story with others.

For more information about Lisa, visit:

Click here for an article on spirituality and the impact it can have on relationships.


DG10: Healing Relationships with the Akashic Records

EO Photo Sept 2014We have all experienced difficulties with family members or friends. Ongoing difficult relationships with loved ones can be hard to navigate and hard to heal.

What happens when we run out of time? What if our loved one dies before we can make peace with them? Can we
heal the relationship after our loved one has passed?

In this episode, Ernesto Ortiz, author of “The Akashic Records: Sacred Exploration of Your Soul’s Journey Within the Wisdom of the Collective Consciousness”, explains how we can let go of past hurts with loved ones through the power of forgiveness. His work with the Akashic Records has helped many people identify and heal difficult relationship patterns in their lives. Ernesto shares how the Akashic Records can provide healing for us and our loved ones, including loved ones who have already transitioned.

For more information about Ernesto, to purchase his book, or to find a certified Akashic Records Consultant, click here.



DG9: How to Survive Change and Loss with Teresa Bitner

DSCN1409Hi there, this Dying with Grandpa Podcast episode features Teresa Bitner of Bold Fulfilled Life Coach. From an early age, Teresa connected with the process of death. She seemed to know death was part of the cycle of life and what to do. Since then, she has had several experiences with death that have shaped who she is and how she supports her clients now. During our time together Teresa openly shares several ofPic TB her stories, including the sudden loss of her husband and her mother’s more recent transition process.

I really like this workbook for end of life conversations:

To learn more about Teresa, visit


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